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We’re full speed ahead at the Gonear HQ and hitting daily milestones on several fronts! In this article we will share a bit more about what’s upcoming and several plans in terms of product releases, expansion initiatives and governance growth.

Product Roadmap

Our product roadmap constitutes of 3 main phases :

Phase 1 — IDO Launchpad

Tiered allocations : 5 allocation tiers are defined. Allocation sizes to projects that launch on Gonear depend on your staked $GN balance. Each tier has a set % of the tokens available for purchase and is divided proportionally between the number of stakers within that tier. The exact requirements for each tier can be found here.

IDO Pilot Projects : Pilot projects are the first of many projects to launch through Gonear.

Council voting : Council voting is a mechanism setup to ensure the Council members vote in favour or against onboarding projects through Gonear in a transparent manner. More details :

Stake to participate : To participate in projects that launch through Gonear, users will need to enter the staking portal and stake their GN. Users can also farm GN by providing liquidity to the GN trading pair.

Monthly & linear claim hub : Gonear will support 2 types of token distribution. Monthly unlocks and linear daily unlocks. Projects that go through Gonear will be able to offer both to their IDO participants. Users can claim their distributions through the claim portal.

Phase 2 — IDO & NFT Launchpad

NFT lottery launchpad : Phase 2 will be kicked off with the launch of our NFT launchpad. Mechanics for participation are slightly different to the IDO launchpad mechanics.

Burn to participate in lotteries : Users will be able to participate in NFT collection drops by burning GN tokens in exchange for lottery tickets. Winning lottery tickets will give access to Initial NFT mints. Read more about upcoming GN utility.

NFT pilot collections : The initial NFT collections that will launch on Gonear.

Time-increased allocations for IDO launchpad : Extra mechanics will be implemented to staking participation to increase fairness.

Phase 3— Permissionless DAO

DAO governance : The council v1 (9 members) and council v2 (17 members) will be converted into a DAO, allowing anyone with GN to submit and vote on proposals.

Decentralised IDO pools : IDO pools will automatically go through DAO voting. Upon acceptance, the pool will go live on Gonear at the defined date with the defined mechanics.

Decentralised NFT offerings : NFT offerings will automatically go through DAO voting. Upon acceptance, the offering will go live on Gonear at the defined date with the defined mechanics.

Council Roadmap

The Council will launch at 9 members, this membership will be extended to 17 members in Q3 2022, before evolving into a DAO in 2023, where all token holders have a say in projects that launch on Gonear, community proposals and the direction of Gonear.

Expansion Roadmap

Phase 1 — Aurora & NEAR communities

Tap into the Aurora & Near community by doing AMAs with key communities, launch giveaways with other existing Aurora & Near tokens and ecosystem players. This phase started in February 2022 and will be ongoing until the Gonear launchpad goes live.

In parallel to bootstrapping our marketing within phase 1 we will be going through our fundraising campaign, bringing onboard industry experts and players to form The Council, these are entities that can help vet upcoming projects and bring awareness to Gonear.

Goals :

  • Make sure the Near & Aurora community knows about Gonear, what we’re building and how to use it.
  • Aurora grant approval
  • Build core community of those who already own Near protocol tokens & Near NFTs
  • Make sure our product is well documented before the launch
  • Attract other projects to potentially launch on Gonear
  • Conclude phase 1 with a Whitelist campaign for the public IDO and launch the IDO.

Phase 2 — DeFi & NFT community

After a successful IDO and a solid core community, we will then look to expand outside of the Near & Aurora ecosystem, with social campaigns and partnerships to attract eyes from the DeFi & NFT space.

The Council is formed, we will distribute a unique NFT to each member.

In parallel to phase 2, we will be launching our NFT launchpad, where users can burn their GN tokens to obtain NFT lottery tickets to win NFT mints.

Goals :

  • GN token’s first DEX listing on Trisolaris
  • Farming rewards in motion for LP providers
  • Conclude partnerships with other DeFi protocols
  • Token & NFT giveaways with high tiered influencers & KOLs
  • IDO launchpad pilot projects to go live on Gonear

Phase 3 — Cryptocurrency community

By this stage, Gonear will have launched several projects through the launchpad, attracting users from the project communities. Phase 3 consists in launching and marketing the NFT launchpad to our existing community and the global cryptocurrency community.

It is uncertain at this stage how well the Aurora NFT ecosystem will grow, that is why we have separated both builds.

We will be actively reaching out to NFT creators to launch their NFTs through our launchpad as well as partnering with Aurora NFT marketplaces that are currently being built.

In parallel to this phase, we will increase the number of Council members to 17, reaching out to tier-1 entities (Centralised exchanges and advisors)

Goals :

  • Main goal : Bring another use case (NFT lottery tickets) to the GN token
  • GN listed on a centralised exchange
  • NFT minting pilot projects

About Gonear

With Gonear, decentralized projects can raise awareness, build a loyal community, and receive long-term support. Users of the platform will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment, and use assets both in and beyond the Near Protocol standard.

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