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2 min readJan 31, 2022


It’s been a busy start of the year for the Gonear team. We’re currently a 4-man team covering the cornerstone subjects : Product development, relations with ecosystem partners and contributors, refining our token-economics as well as starting to market Gonear to the world.

Delivering a functioning product, solid token mechanics and marketing are fundamental for Gonear’s success, hence we are looking for support on other elements that will be important in the future.

As the Near ecosystem grows, the need for due diligence and advisory is critical for young projects. Gonear is setting up a Council of experienced members to help support projects that go through the Gonear launchpad. We’d like to briefly expand on this concept below.

Strength in numbers

Unlike other launchpads which are controlled just by founders, Gonear’s launchpad will be governed by nine key stakeholders via a unique tradable set of NFTs. The 9 Gonear NFT owners form “The Council”, contributing their value and communities to drive growth to the Gonear launchpad and projects launching on the platform.

Council members own the launchpad and have a stronger say in its direction. These “knights at the roundtable” essentially form a decentralised incubator — better ensuring successful project launches.

The Council will launch at 9 members, this membership will be extended to 17 members in Q3 2022. The Gonear team will be one of the nine members.

A council to structure positive impact

  • Alignment — Council members are aligned on the mission to ensure project launches are as successful as possible.
  • Collaboration — Council members are incentivised to collaborate for the greater good. Giving projects a strong ecosystem of support.
  • Network effect — The launchpad isn’t owned or dependent just on a single entity. Collaboration + alignment drives greater network effects.

The above 3 points make it very compelling for projects to partner and launch on Gonear.

Who can be a council member ?

Initially, memberships are reserved specifically for :

  • Investment funds and Venture Capitalists — that have demonstrated a track record of support and success;
  • Influencers and KOLs — that have strong communities;
  • Development houses and auditors — that can review and secure code;
  • Media and marketing agencies — that have good reach and a track record of success.

Council members are also seed round investors, giving them all skin in the game. Learn more and apply to the council by clicking here.

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