Going Further with Gonear’s Council

Strength in numbers

A council to structure positive impact

  • Alignment — Council members are aligned on the mission to ensure project launches are as successful as possible.
  • Collaboration — Council members are incentivised to collaborate for the greater good. Giving projects a strong ecosystem of support.
  • Network effect — The launchpad isn’t owned or dependent just on a single entity. Collaboration + alignment drives greater network effects.

Who can be a council member ?

  • Investment funds and Venture Capitalists — that have demonstrated a track record of support and success;
  • Influencers and KOLs — that have strong communities;
  • Development houses and auditors — that can review and secure code;
  • Media and marketing agencies — that have good reach and a track record of success.

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Gonear | We're hiring !

Gonear | We're hiring !

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